Who: Current ShakesCar directors searching for actors and techies for the 2015 season.
What: 1 prepared monologue, cold reads from the script(s), personal resume and head shot.
Where: Upstage, NoDa
When: January 19th & 20th from 6PM-10PM
Why: Because you're dying to find out exactly what being "Bardcore" means.

We are also looking for lighting designers, costume designers, stage managers, stage hands, set designers, makeup artists. musicians, and dancers.

**These auditions will primarily focus on casting The Picture of Dorian Gray and The Servant of Two Masters, as well as, our August outdoor production, which is TBA.

THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY Performances June 11-20 at The Duke Energy Theatre
By Roberto Aquirre-Sacasa
Based on the novel by Oscar Wilde

Character Breakdown:

HARRY WOTTON, 20, big personality, a bit of a shyster/huckster

BASIL HALLWOOD, 20, an artist, rumpled, nervous

DORIAN GRAY, eternally 20, EXTREMELY handsome, immortal and amoral

ALAN CAMPELL*, 20, one of the boys, a chemist

SIBYL VANE*, 19, an actress, spunky and beautiful

VICTORIA FROST, 19, Harry’s better half, fabulous and withering

JAMES VANE*, 21, rough-and-tumble, a football (soccer) player, prone to violence

*Denotes multiple roles

Looking for 7 actors, ages 18-30

All actors must be comfortable with explicit language, violence, and partial nudity.

All roles will use British dialects. Previous experience with dialects is a plus.

All actors except Dorian and Sibyl will have to do various stages of old-age make-up. Previous experience with stage make-up a plus.

THE SERVANT OF TWO MASTERS Performances TBA (Mid July) Winthrop University
By Carlo Goldoni
Translated and adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher and Paolo Emilio Landi.

Truffaldino – Servant first to Beatrice, and afterward to Florindo. He is the love interest of Smeraldina (Based on Arlecchino). He is an acrobat and a wit, childlike and amorous. Juggling/Clown experience a plus.

Beatrice – Master to Truffaldino, a lady of Turin and disguised as her brother Federigo Rasponi. She is the love interest of Florindo.

Florindo – Master to Truffaldino, of Turin and the love interest of Beatrice

Pantalone Dei Bisognosi – A Venetian merchant (Based on Pantalone). a caricature of the Venetian merchant, rich and retired, mean and miserly, with a young wife or an adventurous daughter.

Smeraldina – Maidservant to Clarice and the love interest of Truffaldino (Based on Columbina). Witty, bright, and given to intrigue.

Clarice – Pantalone's Daughter and the love interest of Silvio (Based on Isabella). Female Ingénue.

Silvio – Son of Dr. Lombardi and the love interest of Clarice (Based on Flavio). Male Ingénue

Dr. Lombardi – Silvio's father (Based on Il Dottore). (the doctor) A caricature of learning—pompous and fraudulent.

Brighella – An Innkeeper, Arlecchino's crony, was more roguish and sophisticated, a cowardly villain who would do anything for money.

Stage Manager
“Ring Girl”
1st Waiter - Clown
2nd Waiter - Clown
Ensemble/ Townspeople

Early submissions, resumes, portfolios and head shots may be sent to: